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Industrial & Materials
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About Warton Metals Limited

We were established in 1991. We are a manufacturer of soldering materials. Our product range includes bar and tinmans solder, solder pellets, no clean cored solder wire, water wash cored solder wire, synthetic cored solder wire, fluxes and thinners, solder paste/solder cream, flux pens, solid solder wire, kapton tape and dots, brown flux jelly, cleaners, products for stainless steel, rosin free products, lead free products, waxlets, de-solder wicks, rework gel, solrist temporary solder resist and silver brazing alloys.
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  • Industrial & Materials
  • Lancashire
  • Manufacturer
Suppliers Address
  • Grove Mill, Commerce Street, Rossendale, Lancashire
  • Manufacturer [Rossendale, est. 1991]
  • BB4 5JT
Web Address Contact Details
  • +44 01706 218888
  • Sales Team (Sales)
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