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About LateShipment

LateShipment is an essential last-mile tool for businesses of all sizes to easily reduce shipping costs by up to 20% through automated service-failure refunds. By automatically auditing your monthly shipping invoice, you can recover refunds for 50+ carrier service failures and billing errors. Additionally, you can track your outbound and inbound parcels in real-time while creating delightful delivery experiences with proactive customer engagement throughout the order delivery lifecycle. Finally, by leveraging shipping data we provide essential logistics intelligence in the form of insight-rich reports to help you make better supply chain decisions.

Audit& Refunds: automatically recovers refunds for 50+ carrier mistakes including late deliveries, incorrect surcharges, to save you up to 20% on shipping costs.

Delivery Experience Management platform enables you to:
  • Monitor all your shipments (across carriers) in real-time
  • Foresee parcel delays so you can proactively take corrective action
  • Send automated SMS & Email delivery status notifications
  • Create custom branded tracking pages
  • Receive critical ‘Shipment Alerts’, pin-pointing parcels facing issues for the day
  • Control your customer's delivery experiences at scale.
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Our servicesLateShipment automates the refund claim process for
  • UK mail
  • Royal Mail
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • DHL
  • 50+ carriers
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