Product Search From £25.54
Product Search From £25.54
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About Doofinder

Doofinder improves your conversion rates and your average order value by enhancing the internal search engine of your website.

Doofinder will benefit you through the merchandising tools. Giving you the power to optimise the search results and take control of product positions. You will be able to analyse and understand your customers search behaviour, with reports on Top Searched terms,

Top Clicked products and customer search terms that have not returned any results.

You can create banners within the search to advertise and promote products and events and create landing pages. More than 5000 e-commerce sites over 35 countries are already using it.

What are you waiting for?

Test our solution for 30 days, for free!

30 days for free and then the client can choose the package :
  • free : up to 1000 requests (one search has an average of 8 requests, but then it depends on the sector field...)
  • S package : up 10 000 requests. 29 + 6 mobile version
  • M package : up 50 000 requests. 49 + 9 mobile version
  • L package : up 100 000 requests. 69 + 14 mobile version
  • XL package : up 200 000 requests. 99 + 18 mobile version
Doofinder Testimonials Write a review
Gavin Murphy Kent, UK

Brings you website search bang up to date

Today website search and filtering is all important and Doofinder does is brilliantly. Fewer people are looking for product via menu structure and loose interest very quickly if they dont find what they are looking for. Doofinded does all this along with a host of other excelent features. Have a look at our website if you are interesting and see for yourself.

Jon ALTEC Manchester


Fabulous product, after the 30 day free trial we were in no doubt to take up the annual subscription for both of our EKM websites.

Doofinder greatly improves the customers experience when searching for products.

Karen Hannant Norwich

Worth Every Penny!

This is an excellent product which I only wish I'd heard about sooner.

Doofinder was recommended to me by two other business owners who agreed it was the best thing they had ever added to their EKM website. The customer service is superb and it's really simple to install once you've got one a Doofinder adviser on the phone to guide you.

Shaun who helped me was super knowledgeable, helpful, great at explaining things in simple terms and pointing out the specific benefits to my company. I would highly recommend Doofinder. 5 stars!

Richard Marrill Surrey

Great add on for our webshop

The 30 day trial is really helpful and allowed me to realise how powerful this upgraded search feature was - really excited to see what we can do with Doofinder going forward! Shaun Kirby who dealt with the set up was super helpful answered all my questions - even the repetitive and foolish ones - with patience and was very helpful both explaining and setting up the extra features.

Kit UK

Amazing search function!

Such an amazing add-on to your website! We have always suffered with poor search abilities and functions. Doofinder totally gives us that power and flexibility. With loads of options, you can customise it to exactly how you want it to perform! Extremely happy with the service and a shout out to Shaun! He helped show me exactly how to get this working to how I want it and already seeing increased sales on my website. A must have on your website!

Thomas Cossey Wales

Very good integration, great customer service

Taushik Mandal was so helpful and not pushy throughout the entire setup process which was a nice change. He was also so helpful with explaining the system and how it works and how it could benefit our business. Doofinder has hugely improved our websites search functionality where ekm was Lacking so we hope to have a long positive relationship with this company.

Julie Allen Kenilworth

New to Doofinder

Iván Sojo has been extremely helpful with guiding me through the features of Doofinder and, having just subscribed, I am looking forward to seeing great results.

Martyn Nottinghamshire

Lovely Addition to my websites

I was a bit hesitant to take on Doofinder but I took out the 30 day free trial with Ivan who was very helpful and informative. It definitely makes my websites look that bit more professional. Ivan arranged that I could have both my websites linked on one account which was great. There was no pushing me into taking this out which always puts me off. The great this is that you are not locked into any contracts and also Ivan has assured me that if at anytime I need help they are on the end of a phone or email to help guide me.

Simon Kearn Hayling Island, Hants

Doofinder Plug in

I run two websites with EKM - and doofinder only charge me one price for the advanced integration for both. The account manager - John Rayala - has helped me tweak them to work better and provided some handy tips to help improve sales.

It's still early days but it increases customers confidence when visiting my sites. Take a look!

John M Farnworth Bolton

Product searching as you need it

Recently added Doofinder to our EKM site and have now added it to 2 further sites. The Doofinder staff are fantastic and really want you to succeed and are always contactable. The search is configurable to make sure the products you want to sell are viewed on a regular basis. Highly recommended

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Our services
  • Detailed reports on visitor search behaviour
  • Faceted search option
  • Learning behaviour
  • Merchandising power to set a products' positioning
  • Banner feature for advertising and promoting products, brands and events
  • Options to redirect users to content pages
  • Held on our servers for a faster page load time
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