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Advanced Search Free for 30 days
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About Doofinder

Doofinder improves your conversion rates and your average order value by enhancing the internal search engine of your website.

Doofinder will benefit you through the merchandising tools. Giving you the power to optimise the search results and take control of product positions. You will be able to analyse and understand your customers search behaviour, with reports on Top Searched terms,

Top Clicked products and customer search terms that have not returned any results.

You can create banners within the search to advertise and promote products and events and create landing pages. More than 5000 e-commerce sites over 35 countries are already using it.

What are you waiting for?

Test our solution for 30 days, for free!

30 days for free and then the client can choose the package :
  • free : up to 1000 requests (one search has an average of 8 requests, but then it depends on the sector field...)
  • S package : up 10 000 requests. 29€ + 6€ mobile version
  • M package : up 50 000 requests. 49€ + 9€ mobile version
  • L package : up 100 000 requests. 69€ + 14€ mobile version
  • XL package : up 200 000 requests. 99€ + 18€ mobile version
Doofinder Testimonials Write a review
Simon Kearn Hayling Island, Hants

Doofinder Plug in

I run two websites with EKM - and doofinder only charge me one price for the advanced integration for both. The account manager - John Rayala - has helped me tweak them to work better and provided some handy tips to help improve sales.

It's still early days but it increases customers confidence when visiting my sites. Take a look!

John M Farnworth Bolton

Product searching as you need it

Recently added Doofinder to our EKM site and have now added it to 2 further sites. The Doofinder staff are fantastic and really want you to succeed and are always contactable. The search is configurable to make sure the products you want to sell are viewed on a regular basis. Highly recommended

Barbara Oszczudlowska Slough

Great addition to EKM shop!

Doofinder makes it so much easier for our customers to find the right products among thousands we offer. All they need to do is to start typing the name of the product and the matching products instantly start showing as picture/product title. The results then can be narrowed down by using the filters. Doofinder also allows for setting search results for specific search terms.

Setting Doofinder up was quick and easy. Robert and Alistair from Doofinder team have given us lots of support during the trial period but if you do not wish to do any tweaking you will be perfectly fine as Doofinder is designed to run well without many changes.

We would definitely recommend Doofinder to any bigger EKM shop.


Great service and search facility

I have only been using Doofinder on my website for a few weeks but I wouldn't be without it now. I particularly like the custom results function as you can tailor customers' searches to see the products you want to promote. Sam has provided great service too.

Tom Boynton Leeds

Brilliant Service

Contacted Sam to help with our doofinder and was a great help.Sorted the problem straight away. 5 Star Service

Jordan S South Wales - UK

Amazing Experience with Customer Service & Results.

Sam at DooFinder was in contact from day one easy setup we was quite shocked how easy it was and how effective it is to gain extra revenue through giving my customers a great experience.

Tami Wakeling Haverhill

Wish I had gone with Doofinder sooner

I've been with EKM for a number of years now and while I'm happy with the platform the product search is basic at best. Sam at Doofinder contacted me and helped me set up Doofinder's search and sales have increased dramatically. Customers can now find precise items or a selection of products pertaining to their search. It really has been a transformation. I can't recommend it enough. If you're lucky enough to get Sam to help you, you'll also be impressed with how quickly he is to answer emails, and help with set ups or tweaking the searches.

Jasmine Johnson Ipswich

Great tool for improving customer searches

Useful tool for improving customer searches and increasing click through and conversion rates via searches.

Supportive team who are on hand to help with any queries. Good introductory tutorial video. Easy to plug in to the website.

Neil Hawkins Tring Astronomy Centre

This search feature is brilliant, and light years ahead of the standard search facility. Lots of additional features too that we haven’t even got close to fully exploiting yet. So far very impressed.


Doofinder finally brings a decent search to your EKM site. Faceted search, customisable search results, banners, results boosting, excluded results - this is a very feature rich bit of software for an unbelievable price. Literally half of the the price of the so called major players like Swiftype which only had half of the functionality that Doofinder does. Highly recommended.

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Our services
  • Detailed reports on visitor search behaviour
  • Faceted search option
  • Learning behaviour
  • Merchandising power to set a products' positioning
  • Banner feature for advertising and promoting products, brands and events
  • Options to redirect users to content pages
  • Held on our servers for a faster page load time
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