Accountancy From $19
Accountancy From $19
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Reconcile your EKM e-commerce sales at the transaction level in Xero and QuickBooks Online. From Amazon to Stripe, Dext Commerce reconciles transactions from a growing list of retailers, marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, POS systems, payment providers and By Now Pay Later services.

With over 45 supported integrations including EKM, EKMPay and many of the 3rd party payment platforms such as Stripe, PayPal, Klarna and Affirm, it’s never been easier to reconcile your EKM e-commerce data.

Designed for finance teams and accounting professionals Accounting software designed to make complex tasks easy for businesses and accounting professionals alike. From startup businesses to multinational accounting firms, we’re trusted by thousands of businesses across the globe.

Take your time back with powerful e-commerce accounting automation From New York to London to Sydney Australia, Dext Commerce customers save an average of 25 hours per month with an accounting automation solution that is unmatched in its flexibility and accuracy.

Consolidate itemized sales & expense transactions We go beyond settlement files. From Amazon to Stripe, Dext Commerce fetches individual, itemized transactions from over 45 vendors.

Publish & reconcile your data on your terms Publish as much or as little data to QuickBooks and Xero as you choose. With Dext Commerce you can publish individual transactions or choose to consolidate and publish your transactions by accounting period or payout settlement. And remember, a copy of your itemized transaction data is available for reference in Dext Commerce at any time.

Support category, class and department tracking with Dext Commerce.

Autopilot Prefer to set it and forget it? The choice is yours. You can choose to manually publish your data to Xero or configure auto-exports to publish your transactions on a recurring schedule of your choosing.

Itemised taxes, globally Associate a transaction’s itemized taxes to multiple tax rates per order for accurate tax allocation across platforms and regions to ensure you’re meeting all regulatory requirements, such as MTD.

Historical data exported with ease Acquire years of itemized historical data including customer details, payment methods, shipping fees, itemized taxes, SKU info and more.

Transform your data It’s not just about moving data from point A to point B. With Dext Commerce we help normalize and in some cases transform your data to ensure you have an accurate and complete set of transactions before publishing to your accounting file. Transforms can help allocate taxes when the data from the upstream provider may not include tax detail. Transforms can also be used to create complex rules to help build automated mappings between your e-commerce data and your chart of accounts and tracking categories.

One account and one subscription covers it all With a single account & subscription you have access to all our supported integrations.
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