Automation From £150
Automation From £150
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About Compound

Compound can help you to integrate your EKM store with hundreds of different tools across your business and build for you powerful and reliable automations to take repetitive tasks of your hands.
Compound is a team with 12+ years expertise in automation and integration for eCommerce companies across tens of verticals and different sizes of businesses. To deliver the best in class automations we partner with leading integration platforms such as Zapier and Make, but also have full coding capability for complex solutions. Every day, workflows built by our team automate more than 5,000 workflow executions - each one saving minutes upon minutes of laborious copy and paste or templated processes.
It might be easy to scale sales in your ecom business - but we’re here to help you streamline and scale everything that happens after the sale! Many of our clients gain back hours every single day. Not just in business savings, but also in family time and rest... you know - life!
We can help you automate ANYTHING across your business. From simple workflows that are sapping your time, energy and money through to complex systems that form the backbone of your operations.
If you have apps which do not yet have a native integration with EKM, we can do all of your API development work to make your tools work in unison - saving you precious time, cost and headaches in the process.
Automation is all about the rapid flow of data from wherever it is created to where it is needed. But sometimes system A doesn’t talk System B’s language. So a lot of the problems we solve for customers include data transformation. We can convert your customer, order and product data into any required format including CSV, JSON, XML, HTML and then send it to where you need it via Email, FTP or Webhook.
If you’re not sure what you need - we offer no-nonsense pragmatic advice. We don’t just speak tech - we’re here for your success

Services we can provide:

  • Web store data sync: Import / Export - orders, customers, products.
  • Accounting logic: Bespoke logic for Xero, Quickbooks, Sage, FreeAgent, Wave etc
  • Spreadsheet or database backend: Export anything into Excel, Google Sheets, Databases - and back again.
  • Fulfilment and logistics: Integrate with your own fulfilment and logistics providers via third-party software or direct integrations where cost-effective.
  • Data synchronisation between your EKM instance and other sales channels.
  • Product Data Management: Price Updates, Description, SEO etc.
  • Marketing: Synchronisation with tools not yet natively connected to EKM.
  • iPaaS: Anything within Integromat / (certified) and Zapier (certified).

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Our services
  • Zapier Experts 
  • Data Import/Export
  • Accounting logic
  • Spreadsheet or database backend
  • Fulfilment and logistics
  • third-party integrations
  • Data synchronisation
  • Product Data Management
  • Marketing
  • iPaaS
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