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Bulk Image Editing
POA New Delhi
Clip My Images
Clip My Images
Clip My Images
Clip My Images
Clip My Images
Bulk Image Editing
POA New Delhi
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About Clip My Images

Clip My Images(CMI) is a leading global image editing and retouching service provider. We specialize in image editing and retouching services for online retailers ,photography studios and marketplaces like Amazon, E-bay and others.

We have been managing image editing projects for clients from UK, Europe and US. Our ECommerce services and solutions have proven records in greatly improving our clients online store conversion rates through optimized product visual presentations and content design & optimization.

We offer a wide range of services starting from the very basic clipping path to the more complex handmade clipping path, high volume image editing for e-comm studios and ecomm stores, beauty and high-end fashion retouching for fashion photographers, glamour retouching for models , masking for hair/ fur products.

Why Choose us:-
  1. Gain the time zone advantage and save over 60% of overheads instantly, with prices starting as low as £0.50 an image for all your editing requirements.
  2. High quality production of your images within a time frame of 24 - 48 hours.
  3. Complete post production management so that you can focus completely on your photography and studio operations.
  4. Guaranteed safety and security of your images with a separate FTP account for quick transfer and delivery.
  5. Available 7 days a week 24X7.
  6. Get special pricing on bulk and regular work 
  7. Get your shoots edited for multiple marketplaces as per their guidelines like Amazon, E-bay under one platform and save time and cost of editing. 
    All images are web optimised and cropped as per your instructions.
  8. Review your done images before you get the final edited images. 
  9. Get your shoots edited for multiple marketplaces as per their guidelines like Amazon, E-bay under one platform and save time and cost of editing. All images are web optimised and cropped as per your instructions.
This saves your time and provides a efficient workflow for the entire process. 

Categories of our work.

Clipping path-Clipping Path is image clipping made easy. By removing the background you can isolate an object within the whole image , allowing you to place the object on any desired background. This includes precise pixel regardless of the complexity of the image and attention to every minute detail.

Image editing for Online sellers and Marketplaces.

Bulk image editing for any market place as per their guidelines and specifications. From simple household objects, models, garments , accessories , jewellery to any category that you want to sell. We can process up to 1000 -1500 images a day depending upon complexity and availability.

Ghost Mannequin Services.
To get the perfect look and feel for your garment images try our ghost mannequin services. We expertise in this domain and process over 500-700 ghost shots in a day. Giving any kind of garments the perfect shape, size, alignment and crop to make your garments stand out and sell more on your site. Our experienced and talented editors do all kinds of attires including tops ,trousers, jackets, underwear and swimwear.

Ghost Mannequin Services
Beauty and Fashion Retouching. Want a WOW image. Get your high-end beauty and fashion portfolio or look book retouched by us. From basic enhancements of skin tones , to removing blemishes, wrinkles and dark circles and colour correcting your images, we will do it all. Additionally any specific instructions and adjustments like removing the unwanted objects, enhancing the face and body parts and teeth whitening. We will do it all for you. Let your photos glow just like you.

Jewellery and Watches
From a plane simple white background to the jewellery which make you give a second look.
We have done it all. The time and skill of jewellery retouching is sometime which comes with practise and patience and we have got that in our team.
  • Complexity 1: (Small Boxes, small machine parts etc)
  • Complexity 2: (E-commerce model shots, Flat garment )
  • Complexity 3: (3D Mannequin shots, Ghost images )
  • Complexity 4: (Models with medium retouching, Masking , Look books, Fashion shoots)
  • Complexity 5: (Complex Jewellery images requiring background change and medium to high retouching)
Clip My Images Testimonials Write a review
Katrina Lawson Johnston Photographer

Freelance Photographer at based in London - Represented by LPA

based in London

Great communication and always gets the job done with a tight time frame. Nothing is too much for them. I can highly recommend.

Tom Waugh Photographer

I came across Clipmyimages quite by accident and I am so glad that I did!

Initially I used him and his team for some batch image clipping on a rush job. We discussed my needs over Skype and the team did the work in an astoundingly fast time and produced superb results.

I recommend him to all my other photographic colleagues without hesitation.

John Lyons Visual Psychologist

I have tested many non-UK re-touching companies and Richard is the best I have encountered. "Clip My Images" maintains the security and confidentiality of my client-images at all times, whilst providing an excellent quality re-touching service within an attractive time-scale. They have impressed me time and again and I have recommended them to my colleagues all over the world. I am very happy to be able to give this testimonial to the quality of their work today. I wish them well with their continued business

Phil Barnett PJB Photography Limited

I have used CMI for over four years now and found them to be excellent every time. They deliver very high images quickly and at great value for money. I have even used them for complex album design work and found the results to be fantastic. I would not hesitate in recommending them and I am about to use them again on another major project. Very happy!!!

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Our services
  • Complexity 1: £0.50per image
  • Complexity 2: £1.00per image 
  • Complexity 3: £2.00per image 
  • Complexity 4: £3.00per image
  • Complexity 5: £3.50per image 
All images are edited, cropped, resized and renamed (if required) as per your instructions.
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