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About ChannelGrabber

ChannelGrabber brings EKM customers multi-channel ecommerce software that helps you sell more, through any channel, delight your customers and conquer administration.

ChannelGrabber connects your EKM webstore to Amazon, eBay and more and helps you with product listings, inventory and order management, billing, shipping and messaging.

All in one place. For any size of business, large or small. You can start using ChannelGrabber absolutely free forever with premium plans starting at just £60 per month.

It takes just 5 minutes to set up and connects to your EKM account automatically on signup so you’ll be enjoying the benefits of ChannelGrabber in no time.

Using ChannelGrabber with your online shop is ideal if you're looking to maximise sales by listing products in different places whilst keeping stock levels in check.

  • Maximise your sales by selling through more channels
  • Automate your stock controls across all channels with minimal fuss
  • Avoid wasting time with fiddly CSV files
  • Manage your listings in one place

ChannelGrabber Testimonials Write a review
Brad Anderson Just German Parts Limited

Excellent platform for cross channel selling. Extremely helpful staff on hand whenever you have a problem. Would definitely recommend!

Brian Shattock Brilor Group

We signed up for ChannelGrabber early this year as we needed a simple system to bring all of our multi-channel sales orders together into one place ready for processing. ChannelGrabber does exactly that very effectively and efficiently. It also has numerous other features that we do not use and which do not get in the way to impede our progress. The ChannelGrabber support team are always keen to help to overcome any snags. Overall ChannelGrabber is quick and easy to use with a good interface....and above all its competitively priced!! Great System.

Park View Print Park View Print Ltd

We used to log in to our multiple channels but needed the very basics of a system to pull orders together. We went for ChannelGrabber mainly because of the price.

What we have is a system jam packed with time saving features we didn't even know we needed that we now cannot function without, the system is sound and reliable but the reason we will never move over is the support. the IT guys have tweaked features to suit our business and have always been fantastic if we have had issues.

ChannelGrabber has no doubt saved our business a fortune in time and money and our staff absolutely love working with it. Every week features are added or upgraded and always for the better. A brilliant system and even better customer service.

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  • eCommerce integration software
  • Product listing automation
  • Inventory management software
  • Order management software
  • Invoicing software
  • Shipping automation software
  • Messaging software
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