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Logistics From 1.5%
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About Anansi

Anansi is an automated shipping insurance service that protects your goods, bottom line and customer experience.

Designed for e-commerce businesses, it’s the only digital shipping insurance product covering last mile delivery that uses parametric triggers to automate claims for lost and delayedⁱ shipments which means you no longer have to file claims or chase for status updates and outcomes. Claims are agreed within 72 hours and for lost and damaged shipments, reimbursement is up to the full retail value of the item(s), not cost price, as well as the shipping costs for lost items.

Although shipping insurance may sound like an expense you can do without, customer shipments go missing, get damaged and are delayedⁱ in transit all the time. Having real insurance, as opposed to relying on courier liability with capped reimbursements and painful claims processes, allows you to reship replacement items fast, receive fast and fair payouts and protect your customer experience.

Just how many times have you had to foot the lion's share of the replacement cost when a customer's order gets lost in transit? Or waited weeks to hear back from a courier when trying to secure a claim for some level of compensation? With Anansi, you enjoy…

Touchless Hassle-free Claims

No evidence required to prove that goods are lost or delayedⁱ. Claims are automatically created when predefined time thresholds are met.

Fast Claims Agreement

Claims are typically agreed within 72 hours and are paid automatically, monthly. Check your Claims Status page for access to updates any time of day!

Mitigate the Impact of Delays

Protection is not only provided against loss and damage but it also covers delays on UK to UK shipments that arrive later than the expected delivery date.

Full Retail Value Reimbursements

Avoid the pain of slow claim payments and capped carrier compensation. Our compensation pays up to the items full retail value for lost and damaged goods.

Reship Replacement Goods Fast

With full-value plus shipping cost reimbursements for lost goods, you can reship items fast and swiftly provide support for returns and replacements.

Avoid Carrier Disputes

Navigating carrier claims and dispute processes involving lengthy phone calls and evidence-gathering is no more. Claims are generated instantly using predetermined time triggers when a shipment is overdue or lost.

Minimise Customer Queries

Faster reimbursements mean faster reshipments resulting in fewer customer queries and cancelled orders.

How much does it cost?

You pay 1.5% of the retail value of each order sent within the UK and 1.8% of the retail value of orders shipped UK to international. Payments are made monthly and there’s no excess.

How do I get started?

Signup takes less than a minute and there’s no upfront payment required. Simply select the minimum and maximum value of items you’d like to insure, provide your company and bank details for automated claim reimbursements, and you’re all set!

All your customer parcels above the value you selected are then automatically covered with real insurance. No upfront premium, the ability to change the insured values at any time, and no more chasing couriers or waiting weeks for cost-price reimbursements.

Alternatively, if you’d like to see a demo before signing up, CLICK HERE.

ⁱ Delay cover is provided for shipments sent UK to the UK but not UK to international destinations.

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Our services
  • Digital shipping insurance
  • Protection: loss, delay and damage 
  • No upfront premium or excess
  • Coverage up to £25,000 
  • Touchless claims process
  • Customisable coverage
  • Fewer restrictions than most couriers 
  • 72 hours claims agreement
  • Fast automated claim payouts
  • Full retail value reimbursements + shipping (Lost)
  • Up to full retail value (Damaged)
  • Shipping costs (Delayed UK to UK)
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