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Affiliate & Influencer Marketing <br/> by
Affiliate & Influencer Marketing <br/> by
Affiliate & Influencer Marketing <br/> by
Affiliate & Influencer Marketing <br/> by
Affiliate & Influencer Marketing <br/> by
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About Affiliate & Influencer Marketing

Looking to launch and manage an Affiliate and Influencer Marketing Programme?

Use’s all-in-one partnership management platform to:

  • Find and recruit new affiliates, influencers, and marketing partners 
  • Automate contracts and payment based on custom terms 
  • Track and report on performance, conversions and all marketing data

Our partnership automation software lets you expand your programme and efficiently scale every type of partnership. Fast forward your business growth with!

Supports any type of marketing partnership:

  • Affiliates & Referrals
  • Ambassadors
  • Sponsorships
  • Mobile Apps
  • Premium Publishers, News & Content
  • Influencers
  • Coupon & Loyalty Programs
  • Charities & Nonprofits
  • Strategic B2B Partners

Discover & recruit new partners:

  • Find and easily onboard the perfect affiliates and influencers on the partner marketplace.
  • Discover global partners perfectly aligned to your brand
  • Add recruits to your partnership program with ease
  • Simplify outreach with powerful automation technology

Automate contracting & payments:

  • With the our partner management platform you can:
  • Define your terms with flexible electronic contracting
  • Automatically settle payments in 70+ currencies

Track performance & attributions:

  • Track everything, all the time - affiliate link clicks, instals, leads & conversions
  • Accurately track partners across web and app properties
  • Accurately attribute performance to each partner

Engagement & relationship management:

  • Keep partners engaged, productive & on-brand
  • Measure their performance with in-depth reports
  • Messaging & automated workflows features

Fraud prevention, detection & monitoring:

  • Expose affiliate fraud, influencer fraud, and traffic abnormalities wherever they corrupt your conversion paths.
  • Identify suspicious payments with machine learning-based fraud scoring
  • Suppress and reverse payouts to high-risk sources

Optimise your campaigns:

  • Continually optimise your partner program to drive growth and increase efficiency.

Track your KPIs:

  • Forecast performance up to 90 days
  • Identify anomalies to replicate their success or prevent future failures
  • Breakdown of cross-device customer conversion paths



90K+ partners across affiliate, influencer + more
Campaigns across multiple domains
120+ custom contract terms
40+ performance reports


Includes all features in the Essentials plan, plus:

Cross-device tracking
Custom dashboards and reports
Benchmarking insights
Fraud detection
Partner behaviour reports

Impact helps brands like you increase revenue and ROAS, and helps you manage your partnerships at scale. Click here for a demonstration!

Affiliate & Influencer Marketing
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Our services
  • Supports any type of marketing partnership
  • Discover & recruit new partners
  • Automate contracting & payments
  • Track performance & attributions
  • Engagement & relationship management
  • Fraud prevention, detection & monitoring
  • Optimise your campaigns
  • Track your KPIs
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